My Little Dog Training, LLC

My Little Dog Training, LLC

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Puppy and adult dog training classes for dogs of all ages. Customized Service Dog training available. Canine Good Citizen classes and testing available. Daycare and Boarding available.

Choose a service to schedule


Initial Training Consultation - $100
This consultation is required for all training work. This 2 hour (one-on-one evaluation) of your dog will include taking a history, developing a training plan and starting work on training.
In-Home Consultation - $200
Two hour In-Home consultation to develop a customized training package for you and your dog.
Private Training - $50
Private one-on-one lessons with you and your dog. REQUIRES CONSULTATION PRIOR TO scheduling private training session. An individualized session will be set up for you and your dog.
Phone Consultation - $25
Schedule time to ask about your dog questions and receive advice on resolving simple issues
Initial Behavior Modification Consultation - $200
Initial consultation is required prior to scheduling behavior modification classes.
The initial part of this 2 hour consultation will include taking history as well as identifying the source of the problem.
The second part of the consultation will consist of developing a customized training plan along with homework, and followed up with individual work on the behavioral issue.
Behavior Modification - $100
Specific behavior training or problem solving individual classes. Requires that an In-home consultation be performed prior to scheduling.
Service Dog Temperament Test - $100 (call for appointment)
Required for all Service Dogs. Temperament evaluation determines if the dog has the correct temperament to start training as a Service Dog (provided by us, through Dogs for Invisible Disabilities).
Service Dog Training - $75
Service Dog training including obedience, public access and task training in ONE HOUR increments (provided by us, through Dogs for Invisible Disabilities).
In Home Service Dog Training - $125
This service occurs at your home or local area (it will incur an additional travel fee if more than 10 miles from our office).
This service includes working on tasks, public access training, obedience and preparation for Public Access Test (provided by us, through Dogs for Invisible Disabilities).
Daycare - Half Day - $12.50
Half day daycare consist of up to 5 hours of service. One session of group play and one private training session (basic commands).
Daycare - Full Day - $20
Daycare with up to 10 hours of service. Includes two sessions of group play and one private training session (basic commands) plus a snack.
Boarding - $30 (call for appointment)
Overnight boarding and day care. $30 per day. You provide food
Hotel Pickup - $5 (call for appointment)
Pickup or Delivery of dog to pet parent's hotel.
(Currently only Best Western Primier Boulder Falls, in Lebanon, OR)
Puppy 1 - $135
This class is designed for puppies that are 4 months of age and younger. It is an opportunity for you puppy and you to learn new skills in a fun and interactive environment. Your puppy will learn to come when called, sit, down and stand, as well as, good manners with other dogs and people. Come join the fun

This is a 10 week class
Yoga with Dogs - $10
Come have fun with your dog on the last Saturday of the month! We will do a little obedience to start with then end with you and your dog relaxing and stretching.
Challenging Teens - $135
The challenge of dealing with teenage dogs (4 to 18 months of age). These kids challenge you just to make sure the rules haven't changed. This class is designed to help you develop the skills to work with your dog as those hormones are raging so you and your dog have a good life together. We will cover the basic obedience commands and common behavior issues seen in young dogs.
AKC Canine Good Citizen Class - $125
Class is 6 sessions . There are 4 levels: S.T.A.R Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Canine Good Citizen Community (GCGA) and Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGCU)
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluation - $10
Testing AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC), CGC A (Community) or CGCU (Urban).
Canine Life and Social Skills (CLASS) - $125
Canine Life and Social Skills is a series of courses which teach life skills. Dogs can earn their BA (1st level), MA (2nd level) and PhD (3rd level). Each level consist of a 10 weekly learning sessions, followed by an evaluation.
This is designed to teach you and your dog the SKILLS NEEDED FOR THE REAL WORLD. It includes working around a lot of distractions.
The course does have a PRE-REQUISITE QUIZ which will be sent to you upon registration.
C.L.A.S.S. Evaluation - $20
Evaluation of C.L.A.S.S. for BA, MA and/or PhD
AKC Trick Class - $125
Class is 10 weeks. This is the newest title offered by the AKC. Great for teaching fun skills to your dog. Broken into several categories. Come have fun!
Group Class - Obedience - $125
Basic foundation obedience - sit, down, stand & stay, loose leash walking, come and minor behavior modification such as off & leave it.
Antler Scent Training - $125
Come have fun this summer with your dog and learn a new skill. There is money to be made finding shed antlers. This course will teach your dog to use their nose to find the scent of antlers out in the woods and other areas.
Public Access Test (PAT) - $100 (call for appointment)
Evaluates if your Service Dog is ready for the everyday occurances that they will experience when accompanying you in public
PetSaver - $125 (call for appointment)
Pet CPR, First Aid and Care class
Emergency Preparedness - $50 (call for appointment)
Learn how to prepare for the unexpected! You never know when the unexpected will happen, be that a wild fire or earthquake. Learn what should be in your bug out bag for both you and your pets and what should be in your shelter in place box.
LBCC Group Class

Meals & Treats

Filled Kong - $3
Provides a KONG that is filled with either treat, wet food or peanut butter that can be servered at room temperature or frozen (the kong "toy" is not included)
Yak Cheese Chew - $15
1 Yak Cheese Chew will be provided per overnight stay. Any remainder of this treat may be taken home.
Raw Patella - $3
Provided a raw cow knee cap to chew during rest time in crate. Remaining portions may be taken home.

Parties & Events

Training Room Rental - $25 (call for appointment)
Hold your dog's birthday or Bark Mitzva party here in a place designed to go to the dogs.
Topic Specific educational seminar or training class.


Demo Product and Dialer
Trade Show
Tradeshow Demonstration.
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